MG Rover XPT006300 MG TF Lowering Spring Kit

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MG Rover XPT006300 MG TF Lowering Spring Kit. Engineered and manufactured by Eibach.

The kit, part number XPT006300, is suitable for all MG Rover built MGTF models.
Before the sad demise of the MG Rover car company this MGTF Lowering Spring and
Upgrade Kit was developed by engineers at Eibach UK, in conjunction with chassis
engineers at MG Rover to lower and upgrade the standard MGTF springs. When
originally launched, the kits received glowing reviews from the press and are still held
in high regard by MG enthusiasts.

The kit lowers the car by 20-25mm and are of a progressively wound, uprated design,
thereby preserving the ride quality, while improving body control and roll. The kit
contains 2 front and 2 rear springs manufactured by Eibach UK to the same design
and specification as their original upgrade kit. Owners of 2005 model year vehicles
with softer original springs may notice a firmer ride with the u pgrade kit fitted.